What you will be able to do?

  • Sync prospects and accounts between Leadcamp and Pipedrive (all prospects from Leadcamp and specific contacts from Pipedrive)

  • Automatically log tracked emails to Pipedrive by using our email extension

  • Add Qualification and Heat scores to your Organizations and Contacts tables in Pipedrive

How to connect Leadcamp with Pipedrive?

  1. Go to the Integration section in the Leadcamp platform, choose Pipedrive, click "Connect" and go through the setup process.

  2. When you're done, all prospects and accounts you add to Leadcamp will be synced with Pipedrive and you will be able to log emails you send out with Leadcamp Gmail extension to Pipedrive.

  3. If you wish to push Contacts and Organizations to Leadcamp, read the next section.

  4. When integration is active, you will be able to synchronize existing entries and push all existing Prospects and Accounts from Leadcamp to Pipedrive. If Contacts and Organizations in Pipedrive have matches in Leadcamp, they will be linked.

How to push specific Contacts and Organizations to Leadcamp?

  1. Go to your Company Settings' data fields option and select 'Person'.

  2. Two new fields have been added when the integration was connected.

  3. Edit the 'Leadcamp sync' field and select where you want that field to be visible

  4. Repeat the above steps to push Organizations from Pipedrive to Leadcamp.

  5. Turn on the Leadcamp sync for every contact or organization you want to push to Leadcamp via the detail page or the table overview.

How to log tracked emails to Pipedrive?

Leadcamp automatically adds Pipedrive's Smart Bcc email to every tracked email you send. This via the inbox extension or via the platform.

Congratulations! You're all set! 🚀

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