Let’s start automating your LinkedIn Messages within one application to save time and effort. Leadcamp also considers LinkedIn connection limitations, so you never end up with a restricted LinkedIn account.

General LinkedIn Restrictions:

  • 100 Connections/week

  • Max 3000 Pending Invitations

So it’s good practice to limit the number of messages you send equal to the number of connections you send out. Also, try to take some time on a monthly basis to delete requests that are not being accepted.

Open the Leadcamp applications and go to cadences. Then choose the cadence you would like to edit or create a new one.

First hit edit on the top right and then click on a new step so the actions bar pops up on the right.

Click on The LinkedIn icon “send a message”.

Write down the description of the step and your LinkedIn message. Then click on “+NEW” to add your LinkedIn account so you can send the message.

Firstly make sure to add the limitations of the number of messages you want to send a day. Remember your weekly limit of 100 connections, we would recommend always staying below that in messages as well.

To link your account we will need to find the value of “li_at” in your LinkedIn Cookies and paste it here.

You can find the indications on how to link LinkedIn to your account here.

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