Our latest addition to Leadcamp cadences is now in Beta! It's now possible to add LinkedIn steps to your multichannel smart cadences and increase the effectiveness of your outreach!

The Beta includes:

⛺️ Profile visits

⛺️ Follow someone

⛺️ Connect with someone

⛺️ Send a LinkedIn message

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Add LinkedIn steps in your cadence

Connect LinkedIn to Leadcamp

Frequently asked questions

Add LinkedIn steps in your cadence

Go to your cadence, go into Edit mode to add a new step, and select one of the 4 LinkedIn actions.

LinkedIn options in Leadcamp cadences

LinkedIn Follow

We suggest using the LinkedIn Follow feature at the beginning of your cadence.

This low-impact action is causing your prospect to look back at your profile and see who you are. It's the perfect soft touch before you start a conversation.

Connect LinkedIn to Leadcamp

Here's how to connect your LinkedIn account to Leadcamp if you run on Chrome. If you aren't using Chrome, don't worry. These guidelines will be the same for other browsers. If you can't find it, feel free to reach out via chat!

  1. Open a new tab and go to LinkedIn.

  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and open "Inspect":

  3. Locate the "Application" tab" at the top, select "Cookies" on the left side, then click "https://www.linkedin.com". In the table, locate the cookie "li_at":

    (here at the second position)

  4. Click on it and copy the "Cookie Value" that now appears at the bottom into Leadcamp's setup page:

  5. You're all set!

Please take note: make sure not to manually log out of the site you've retrieved your cookie for, as this will cause it to expire and not take the necessary automation rate limits into account.

Frequently asked questions

How many characters to use in a connection note

You can use up to 300 characters in your message with your LinkedIn Connect action.

Because some people's names can be quite long (or because you are using other variables), we suggest using 250 characters to be safe.

Could you check if we are connected before sending a message?

In our beta, we do not yet check for this. We suggest you contact the person first and put a 5-6 day delay between this action and your message action. Otherwise, they may not receive your message.

How about the LinkedIn limits?

Leadcamp's algorithm is built to mimic human behavior. To achieve this, we have also set specific limits on actions. Each action has its own limit, as you can review below.

If you want to adjust these values or feel it is too limited, go to My Settings and scroll down to LinkedIn accounts.

Disclaimer: This Leadcamp feature is not an official product published by LinkedIn. All LinkedIn ™ logos and trademarks used and displayed are the property of LinkedIn. Use of this Leadcamp feature is at your own risk.

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