Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn allow you to collect leads from your ads with pre-populated professional information. By pushing new leads from these forms to Leadcamp, you can easily manage and qualify them and automatically leverage what you have already set up.

What you'll need:

  • A Leadcamp Account (any plan).

  • A LinkedIn Ads Manager Account.

  • Ensure you have a campaign group, campaign & ad configured with a lead form attached so the automation can be tested.

  • A Zapier account (LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a premium app, and therefore a Zapier paid plan is required).

  • (Optional) Zapier has a pre-built template you can use for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to get setup quickly.

​What your finished zap will look like:

This is a fairly straight forward zap with just 2 steps

  1. Trigger: Fires when a new form is submitted

  2. Action: Creates a new prospect in Leadcamp, or updates an existing contact if one already exists in the account.

Configuring Your Zap

Step 1: getting started

  • In Leadcamp, go to the menu → Workspace settings → Integrations

  • Copy the API key, and click "Activate" (a new tab will open).

Now you will need to create a new zap, in order to push the lead ad forms into Leadcamp. This procedure has to be done for each individual lead form/ ad.

Step 2: the starting trigger

  • Click the Create Zap button to get started.

  • Search for and select the app "LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms".

  • Select Trigger Event "New Lead Gen Form Response", then continue.

  • Select the LinkedIn account that contains the lead gen form.

  • Select the LinkedIn form you want to use, then continue.

  • Test your trigger.

Now we can move onto the Action, search and click “Leadcamp”, and in the event, select "Create or Update Prospect".

Note: Leadcamp will only show up as an app, if you have integrated Zapier with Leadcamp (see step 1)

Step 3 - creating/updating your Leadcamp prospect:

  • Click “Sign in to Leadcamp” - a new tab will open, where you’ll have to add the API key copied from the Leadcamp app → Integrations → Zapier

  • Now you’ll have to do some quick manual mapping for the fields you want to use.

  • After clicking continue, you will be able to “Test & Review” and/or “Test & Continue” action

  • After testing, if everything has been filled out correctly you would get a successful test. Status 200 means the request has been fulfilled.

Finally - Turn on your zap

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