Start with the end in mind

When you start automating a process, you need to know what the result will look like. You can run cadences that just structure your sales flow and don't send emails, or you can have other cadences that only send emails. That's up to you.

The important thing here is that you approach each email with its own individual purpose. It's no longer about getting a response, but about creating meaningful engagement and building a journey for your prospect.

Strategy for intent-driven cadences

Using intent within your cadences is a new way to approach sales outreach. It can be challenging at first, but it makes a lot of sense in the long run. By using these signals, you can tailor a prospect's journey at each touchpoint. For example:

  • Tailoring content based on previous interactions

  • Connecting cadences so the prospect can move from low touch to high touch cadences

  • Listening to email openings and actions and tailoring follow-ups accordingly

  • ...

Low touch, blended, high touch

If these words don't ring a bell, don't worry we're diving in now!

Low touch cadence

A low touch cadence is usually a short series of emails involving minimal "touches" from your sales team. They are usually used to "break the ice" and see if the prospect might be interested in listening to you.

⛺️ Camper tip

This type of cadence is used for prospects in the lower spectrum of your ICP. The so-called "low hanging fruit". You don't want to do this with your top prospects.

Repeat this cadence with slightly modified copy and content 4 months after initial enrolment for those who did not show engagement. They might have just been busy for a moment!

Blended cadence

A blended cadence includes more touchpoints with your prospect and includes more channels. These cadences typically include 1 or 2 calling tasks and social touches and are used for prospects who have shown meaningful interest in your low touch cadence.

High touch cadence

This type of cadence is used for your top prospects. Companies that perfectly match your ICP and job titles that usually close the deal. They include multiple call touches, heavy social outreach and email build-up.

⛺️ Camper tip

Don't go heavy on the high touch cadences. Keep it manageable and only enter 1 contact per account at a time.

Here are some examples for each.

Apply rule 52.

Don't make too many contacts with one account, keep Rule 52 in mind

  • Reach out to no more than 5 people in the same company.

  • Use no more than 2 people at a time in a call-intensive sequence.

  • Ideally, the 5 people should be different personas (e.g., previous page).

Here's our Cadence Deep-Dive slideshow

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