There are different ways you can send emails, depending on what you use, here are the limits you need to consider.

By default, we set each account's send limit to 250 emails per day. Google Workspace, for example, limits sending emails to 500, which gives you plenty of room to send additional 1-on-1 emails directly from your inbox.

There is more to this number, however, as Google also uses different algorithms to decide whether or not to block certain accounts. Some users may be blocked after only 20 emails, others may push it up to 500.

If you are sending emails using an alias, keep in mind that your Google limits will apply, but those may also be the limits that the service that manages your alias has.

Here and here are some additional resources on the Gmail / Google Workspace case

What with custom SMTP accounts?

When sending emails via SMTP, you should consult your email provider's recommendations to know how many emails you can send per day.

Again, our advice is to keep it to 250 per day.

I want to send more emails...

Sending too many emails at once is never the right way, and will only hurt the domain in the future. Good outreach is a long term game.

If your main focus is to reach as many people as possible, then unfortunately Leadcamp is not the tool you are looking for. We will always prefer to protect our users from having their accounts blocked rather than allowing them to take too many unconsidered risks.

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