Between each step of your cadence, you'll probably want to add some sort of delay. This can either be just a "pause" in time or a listener event.

In this article, we handle the pausing delay that managed how many days or hours you want Leadcamp to wait before going to the next step of your cadence.

How to set up a delay?

  1. Go to your cadence in the Cadences section

  2. Between your steps, hit the plus sign + and choose a delay from the sidekick

  3. Within the settings of this delay, you can turn on "Randomized timing".
    Using this, your next step will be activated a few hours before or after your chosen delay. This is to make sure that your prospect doesn't realize your actions are automated.

What's Magic Send?

Magic Send is a cadence-wide setting that you can use to let Leadcamp choose the best time of day to send your emails.

For example, some prospects open and engage with emails in the evening, others early in the morning. Since we analyze these actions, you can have Magic Send use this data to send the email perfectly timed for your prospect.

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