Before you get started

To create and execute cadences, your Leadcamp account must meet the following requirements:

  • The user account has an 'Optimize' (1 cadence) or 'Sell' subscription seat

  • The user account has a connected personal email address.

  • The user account has the proper permissions.

When using cadences, do also take note of the following:

  • You can create tasks to remind you to send an LinkedIn message or connection request. Currently, these tasks do not execute automatically, they will need to be manually completed.

  • Any tasks in a cadence will be assigned to the user who enrolled the prospect into the cadences.

Create a cadence

You can create a cadence using a mix of email templates and tasks. You can also adjust the delay between steps in the cadence so that emails and tasks are executed when you want them to, based on a number of days/hours or by listening to prospect engagement.

  • In Leadcamp navigate to Cadences.

  • Click Create Cadence.

  • In the pop-up, select From Scratch or select a pre-made cadence template. Then, give the cadence a name and click Create cadence.

  • In the cadence editor, on the right side, you can adjust your cadence settings such as sending window, enabling magic send, or updating the name.

Add steps to your cadence

  • To add a step, click the + plus icon.

  • In the right panel, select an action. You can add automated emails, create task reminders, select listening events,...

  • To send an automated email, click Send an email.

    • To create a new template, click Add new email template.

    • To use your existing templates, select a template from the list.

  • To create a task reminder, click Create a task

  • Select an existing task from the templates or create a new one by clicking Add new task template

    • Enter a title for the task.

    • Enter all other task details.

    • Select the task type

      • For some types, you'll see an Auto Complete box appear, for example, when you use an email task, it'l be automatically completed when an email is sent.

    • Click Save step

Add listener event to cadence

A powerful thing to do is to check for email engagement and adapt accordingly.

For example, after sending your first email you can check how many times it was opened. One open may mean it went straight into the trash, multiple email opens often means you're still in the inbox. Useful to know and change your approach accordingly.

  • To add a listener event, click on the + plus icon

  • In the right panel, select a listener event you want to use

  • Specify the listener event:

    • Choose the number of days Leadcamp should listen for the chosen activity

    • By default, a cadence will pause until the listener's time window has expired. To continue the cadence immediately when the activity has occurred, select the option Directly when the prospect engages.

    • Add additional criteria, e.g. a specific heat score to specify the listener's event

Add steps until your cadence is complete.

Edit cadence preferences

After adding steps to your cadence, you can edit the cadence settings, including the follow-up email send times.

Please note: when your cadence is set to only send emails on business days, the delays will count all days between each step. For example, if an email is sent on a Thursday at 5pm and the following email is scheduled to send three days later, the email will send on Monday at 9aThe inm.

  • Go to your sequences main view (not the edit view)

  • By default, follow-up emails in sequence are all days of the week. If you don't want to send emails on Saturday and Sunday, click Edit options next to Preferences and turn off Saturday and Sunday

  • To customize the timing of each follow-up email send in the sequence, use the Time window time pickers to set a time range.

  • If you want to go a step further, tick on Magic Send. Leadcamp will then automatically determine the best time to send the email within the specified time range. For example, Leadcamp will review previous email activities and determine the best time to send.

Cadence enrollment automation

You can automatically enroll and unenroll prospects in a cadence using Automation Rule triggers and actions.

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