Manual First Touch

  • You don’t have to reinvent your whole cadence. Stick to your fundamentals but change up the first email using the 5x5x5-Rule.

  • 5 minutes of research, find 5 insights on the person/account, write the email in 5 minutes.

Follow-up Cadence

  • Add a follow-up cadence to one-off emails to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • If there’s no reply, this cadence will ensure to get back in touch.

  • Leadcamp also automatically reminds you of needed follow-ups.

Tailored Content

  • Every email you send can have a goal in itself.

  • For example, the goal of an initial email is to generate interest, this can be activated by using relevant content or links.

  • For each piece of content, you can derive your cadence based on whether they opened it, spent a decent amount of time on the content, and so on.

Listening for Engagement

  • A powerful thing to do is to check for email engagement and adapt accordingly.

  • For example, after sending your first email you can check how many times it was opened. One open may mean it went straight into the trash, multiple email opens often means you're still in the inbox.

  • Useful to know and change your approach accordingly.

Interconnected Cadences

  • What if someone you didn't plan to call is a champion you didn't anticipate? Their engagement increases, they do extra research and this happens all out-of-sight. Not anymore.

  • When this happens, we un-enrol this prospect out of Low Touch and move them to Blended. All automatically of course.

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