Hubspot does not inherently share engagement data on sequences with external tools. For 99% of our users, the flow below provided enough data to work around this and capture meaningful prospect data.

Read this article first if you haven't made the integration yet.

You do not need to add your contacts in Leadcamp first. They will be added automatically when engagement occurs.

How to monitor Hubspot sequence engagement in Leadcamp?

  1. Create a sequence in Hubspot and start crafting your emails

  2. Select a specific file you want to add into your sequence and click Share.

  3. Click the Hubspot logo to copy the specific sharing URL

  4. Paste the URL in your email template in Hubspot

  5. When you start your sequence in Hubspot, all engagement from your prospects on these links will be added to Leadcamp automatically.

  6. Leadcamp will now tell you which leads from the sequence you should take a double look at, even when they don't reply.

All set! You can now send your sequence.

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