Sharing a single file with a specific person is the easiest way to trigger tracking and identify devices. When recipients open the content, they do not need to identify themselves (unless they are using multiple devices).

Want to share multiple tracked files?

Learn more about the Identification Wall

See how it's done within the Web app

Sharing from the web app generates an email that is sent to the prospect with all tracking activated by default. In the background, we send separate emails to your contacts. This allows us to give you the most detailed information about their engagement. We show you who opened the email, who re-shared the content and with whom.

Step by step

  1. Click Share on a specific file

  2. Choose Share via email

  3. Fill in the individual recipients

  4. Add an (optional) message

  5. Click Share

See how it's done in the email extension

You can use our Gmail plugin and Outlook add-in to easily share content when you compose an email. All interactions are being tracked, but because multiple recipients access the same link, it can happen that Leadcamp requests email confirmation from a recipient so we can pinpoint the interactions to a specific recipient.

If your recipient forwards the email, or accesses the content from an unidentified device, Leadcamp will ask to confirm their email address so we can track that all detailed sharing activities and link it to the correct recipient using the 'Identification wall'.

Step by step

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert content

  2. Click Library

  3. Find the file

  4. Click Insert as link

Insert with a preview

You can also insert content with a preview. You do this in the same way as explained in the previous step, but before you click 'Insert as link', check the box 'Insert with a preview'.

This will result in this:

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