It can be useful to quickly share something via instant messaging and other sharing platforms that are not available by default in Leadcamp. You can generate a link to your a PDF file, video or any external website that you simply copy and paste onto the platform of your choice.

You can send these generated links to known prospect, where we automatically connect all insights to that prospect, or you can create a general link, where Leadcamp will identify the recipient using an "identification wall" that asks for their email address (only on PDF and videos).

You can also generate dynamic links for automation platforms such as Lemlist, Hubspot or Outreach that are automatically linked to the right prospect.

Note: when receivers forward a PDF file or video to a different person, or open it from an unknown device, Leadcamp will show the "identification wall" to make sure we link engagement insights to the right person.

Share via individual unique link

This sharing option will create a unique link just for the person you are sharing it with.

  • Choose the file or link you want to share

  • Click 'Share' in the sidekick

  • Choose for 'Share link'

  • Now give in the email address below 'Generate a private link for a specific lead'

  • After filling out the email address, you will receive a short, sharable link to share anywhere with this particular prospect

Share via general link

You can share your content on social media or anywhere else where anyone with a link will be able to open your link.

  • Choose the file or link you want to share

  • Click 'Share' in the sidekick

  • Choose for 'Share link'

  • Now grab to generic link to share anywhere

Anyone opening this link will be asked to enter their email address to be identified by the platform (only with PDFs and videos).

Add to cadence and other tools

Here's more information about this type of sharing.

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