Leadcamp has many systems in place to ensure that clicks on links are real. We have seen with other tools that if you click on your own links or email, it triggers an open event. Not so with us!

When you send an email to yourself or click on one of your own links, on the device you are using Leadcamp on, it will never trigger a notification. In fact, your device is blocked from these actions.

Also, because you are testing, you tend to open those emails very quickly. This triggers a secondary system that checks for bot activity. If opens and clicks occur within a certain time frame, Leadcamp will flag these activities and remove them.

There are a few more checks in place, but let's to disguise too much! ;-)

In order to test Leadcamp yourself we suggest:

  • open the email on a 4G or 5G network

  • wait a few seconds before opening it

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