With each integration, Leadcamp creates (or asks you to create) specific fields or tags in the other tool for "syncing" (or asks you to do so). Now what does that mean?

Well, using this field, it allows you to only sync data that you actively want to work with in Leadcamp.

For example, you could set up a Salesforce workflow that, for example, automatically checks the Sync-box when certain variables are met, then they get pushed to Leadcamp ready for the sales team to dig into it.

Here's a breakdown of the options:

New Lead or Account in Leadcamp

Synced to your integrations using Leadcamp's automation rules OR automatically synced as standard

Lead checkbox/tag in Tool X ON

The lead will be pushed to Leadcamp, upon the push, Leadcamp will automatically create a Company profile and turn on the Company checkbox inside your tool too.

Company checkbox/tag in Tool X ON

The company information is pushed to Leadcamp, not the leads.

If you want leads or companies from your tool to automatically be pushed into Leadcamp, you need to create a workflow in e.g. your CRM to turn on the checkboxes.

What happens if there's a mis-match between Leadcamp's enrichment and my CRM

No worries, Leadcamp will spot the differences and make sure your CRM's values are used.

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