Change your login email address

We have chosen a simple and secure way to manage your account and rely on SSO (Single Sign On) to authenticate accounts.

Because of the link to your Google Workplace, Gmail or Microsoft account, we cannot update your account email address.

Change your email provider / sending domain

Keep in mind that all cadences and automation rules associated with the deleted email address will have no longer a sender, which will cause an error.

Before you remove an email address, make sure your prospects have either finished the cadence OR you have replaced the email address BEFORE removing the old one.

To change your email address:

➡️ Go to My setting > Email accounts

➡️ You'll see the current addresses linked to your account

➡️ Click the 3 dots > Delete email account to UNLINK your account

➡️ To add a new one, simply click "Connect email account"

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