How long does it take to get up and running with Leadcamp?

Depending on the number of integrations - as little as 30 minutes.

Which mailboxes are supported?

We use Google SSO and Microsoft SSO to create and log in to accounts. Any domains that use these systems are supported.

How easy is it to export my data from Leadcamp?

You cannot instantly export your data because of GDPR/CCPA restrictions. You can however request an export of your leads and accounts via our support channel.

What CRM systems does Leadcamp support?

You can connect Leadcamp directly with various CRM systems such as Hubspot or Salesforce or use our Zapier connection to connect with hundreds more.

Why is the number of enrichments capped per month?

Our enrichment feature is provided in partnership with Clearbit and not performed by Leadcamp itself. We've included free credits in every bundle. Contact us if you run out and we can sort things out together.

What hours do you support?

Our support hours during our AppSumo promotion will be:
Monday to Friday 09.00am to 12.00pm CET (03:00am-6.00pm ES)

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🎯 Roadmap:
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