Always review changes to your sites terms & privacy policy with your lawyers. 

Leadcamp cares about the level of privacy compliance you are able to provide to leads/data subjects when using Leadcamp. Therefore, we have drafted the document below to help you properly inform your leads of the processing activities you will carry out via Leadcamp, and foster compliance with the privacy legislation.

However, please note this is merely a supportive document we put at your disposal. The responsibility to correctly and compliantly collect information of leads/data subjects will remain vested in you, the customer/controller of the personal data.

The document is to be seen as an addendum to your pre-existing, compliant and extensive privacy policy and is solely to be used to add the proper information thereto, regarding the processing activities of Leadcamp (i.e. what personal data you process via Leadcamp, for which processing purposes, etc.). Some clauses that should already be a part of your privacy policy, are not always repeated here.

Furthermore, we are unable to provide you with a comprehensive privacy policy, as your business and processing activities differ from those of our other customers. In conclusion, please make sure you:

  • Add these clauses to your compliant privacy policy (and if some clauses are already part of your original privacy policy – great! No need to put them in there twice, just make sure the clauses are truly the same);

  • Add the combined privacy policy to Leadcamp to make sure your lead receives it before tracking/enriching data of lead via Leadcamp (as the GDPR obligates you as a controller to properly inform your leads); and,

  • Request consent of the leads with both the combined privacy policy and the tracking/enrichment via Leadcamp, as this is something of the utmost importance.

If your company has an acceptable alternative for explicit consent as a legal basis for the processing activities via Leadcamp, please make sure this is adjusted in the clauses we suggest hereunder (or contact your GDPR specialist to do it for you).

Before each clause, we give some more information on why it is important to add that clause. This information does not have to be adopted in your privacy policy. It is important you read the clauses before adding them in to your policy, as you might find you currently do not guarantee the obligations set therein.

Last but not least, merely adopting (some) of these clauses in your privacy policy does not entail privacy compliance on your part. Becoming and remaining privacy compliant is a complex and ever evolving process with both theoretical and practical obligations.

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