Here are a few core things to help you understand how Leadcamp works:

  • We offer two key elements - Heat Score & Recommendations

  • Leadcamp primarily is used in your inbox - Gmail or Outlook

  • All of our integrations are included with any subscription

  • The Leadcamp Heat Score can be used with automation platforms or 1-on-1 emails

  • The Heat Score and Recommendations are just the start - the core foundations.

What's each feature for?

Leadcamp's product contains different features which enable you to manage your pipeline more efficiently.

Heat Score

Automatically measure engagement as a whole without data silos, manual work or biased information. Leadcamp's Heat Score is an Audience Learned algorithm that understands the key factors for engagement and adapts itself over time to your unique business.


Our goal is to save you time doing what you do best and remove the rest. Our first feature to achieve this ethos is automated smart recommendations. Whether a lead's engagement is rapidly increasing or you forgot to follow up with someone, Leadcamp ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

What features do I get with each plan?

For an outline of the key features included with each plan, see our plans and pricing here.

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