In the library, you can add various types of content and links to share and track. When you're using the email extension, there is a "Library" button giving you direct access to anything you've uploaded.

You can also see how your items are performing. For example, with PDFs you can see exactly how it can be improved down to the individual pages. We show you how it all works below.

Here's a detailed explanation on how to share content in various ways.

Uploading items to the library

The library is very easy to use. Just click 'Add item' on the top right-hand side or drag-and-drop items in it to start automatic uploading. You can add PDF files, images, videos and links.

Using the Shared Library

While uploading to 'My Library' makes content visible to only yourself, the 'Shared Library' makes items visible to the whole team.

It works exactly the same when it comes to adding/uploading content.

Important: Only administrators can add new content to the shared library.

Seeing content performance

The library allows you to see how engaging your content is, how it can be improved, and what people are looking at. You can quickly view the performance for each file directly in the library sidekick.

The "Investigate" button allows you to see the performance of the PDF content down to each page.

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