One of the core elements of Leadcamp is the ability to share content with prospects and activate extensive tracking when they engage. Leadcamp offers a variety of sharing options.

In general, sharing resources is fairly simple. You can share PDFs, videos and external URLs from within our platform, email plugins, and via generated links for cadence tools, social media and other platforms.

When you open the Share screen on our web app, you'll see all the different options. Let's dig in and discover the differences.

Key features

  • Sharing via our web app will give you all detailed sharing insights per recipient

  • Sharing with multiple recipients via the email plugins, will give you detailed sharing insights on the first recipient, and from other recipients after they confirm their email address (only with PDF or video)

  • Sharing with one recipient via the email plugins will give you all detailed sharing insights from known devices

  • If the same recipient opens content on multiple devices, Leadcamp will ask for an email address to identify the unknown device (only with PDF or video)

  • Sharing via a generated (general) link gives information will aks each recipient for their email address

  • Sharing multiple pieces of content will result in creating a Smart Folder

Note: when receivers forward content to a different person, or open content from an unknown device, Leadcamp will show the "identification wall" to make sure we link engagement insights to the right person.

Don't have content or URLs in your library? Add items first.

Share via email using the Leadcamp web app

Sharing from the web app generates an email that is sent to the prospect with all tracking activated by default.

Learn more about sharing via email.

Share via email using the email extensions

You can use our Gmail plugin and Outlook add-in to easily share resources when you compose an email. All interactions are being tracked, but because multiple recipients access the same link, it can happen that Leadcamp show the "identification wall" to pinpoint the interactions to the specific recipient.

Learn more about sharing via email.

Share using generated links

Sharing via a generated link is a quick way to track engagement within cadence tools or social media. You can share links pre-assigned to a prospect to track their engagement, or you can share general links. Because we need an email address to know who received the content, Leadcamp will display an "identification wall" asking for the email address to identify those receiving general links.

Note: You can generate dynamic links for Outreach and other automation platforms. This allows you to have recipient addresses automatically populated. As a result, recipients will not see an email input box to identify themselves.

Learn more about generated links.

Sharing multiple items at once

Ever used Google Drive and shared a link to a folder with someone? Leadcamp's Smart Folder is an automatically content folder that contains all the files and links you've ever shared with a specific person.

If you share one piece of content today, and another next week, both will be visible in this folder and your lead will immediately be able to see everything at a glance.

Learn more about Smart Folders

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