Start by adding content to your library.

In general, sharing content is fairly simple. Go to the library, select the item you want to share, right-click on it or click on Share in the sidekick.

Now you see various option how to share it, explained below:

Track any link via the extension

You can share links as usual and enable Leadcamp tracking right from your mailbox using our Gmail Extension or Outlook Add-in.

Copy/paste any link into your email body, make sure that Track check box is marked and click Send!

This way any link that you add to your email body will be tracked and you will be able to monitor if your lead has opened it and how many times in Latest activity.

Important: Only clicks are tracked for these type of links. To learn now to add links to files and to track what pages interest your leads the most, reading the next section.

Share content via the extension

When you are making your email, select a place where you would like to insert content and click Library. From here you can choose a piece of content from your library. It will be inserted as a link where the cursor is located.

This way any piece of content that you add from your library will be tracked and you will be able to monitor in Latest activity if your lead has opened it, how many times and what they exactly did.

Insert with a preview

You can also insert content with a preview. You do this in the same way as explained in the previous step, but before you click 'Insert as link', check the box 'Insert with a preview'.

This will result in this:

Share multiple files at once

See this article about Smart Content Sharing Folders

Share content with a specific person

If you want to see content interactions from a specific lead, you can choose to give only that person access to a file by sharing it with them directly, either via email or just a link (to share on social media for example).

Share via unique link

This sharing option will create a unique link just for the person you are sharing it with.

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Choose for 'Share link'

  • Now give in the email address below 'Generate a private link for a specific lead'

  • After filling out the email address, you will receive a short, sharable link to share anywhere

Share via email

You can add multiple email addresses and choose to notify them via email. If you share content using this flow, your leads won’t need to fill in their email address to be recognised by Leadcamp's application.

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Choose for 'Share via email'

  • Give in the email addresses you want to share it to

  • Write an optional message

  • Hit 'Share' !

Share a link on social media

You can share your content on social media or anywhere else where anyone with a link will be able to open your link.

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Choose for 'Share link'

  • Now grab to generic link to share anywhere

Anyone opening this link will be asked to enter their email address to be identified by the platform (leads have to do so only once).

Add to cadence and other tools

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Click on the icon of the platform you're using

  • Copy the special sharing link

  • Paste into the other tool and you're ready to go!

No need to upload leads twice

The moment your leads interact with your content link in a cadence email, they will appear in Leadcamp and you’ll see their engagement on that piece of content.

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