Leadcamp integrates with several tools, however we are unfortunately subject to the capabilities (and limitations) of some tools on the market. Dynamic link sharing (as explained below) helps 99% of our users bridge the gap.

With Leadcamp you can add content links in other tools, sync engaged prospects, capture devices and track how prospects are interacting. If you add dynamic links using this flow, your prospects won’t need to fill in their email address to be recognised by Leadcamp while you will unlock great data insights.

Note: when receivers forward PDFs or videos to a different person, or open the items from an unknown device, Leadcamp will show the "identification wall" to make sure we link engagement insights to the right person.

Adding items to your external tool

In general, sharing tracked URLs is fairly simple. Go to the library, select the item you want to share, right-click on it or click on Share in the sidekick.

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Click on the icon of the platform you're using

  • Copy the special sharing link

  • Paste into the other tool and you're ready to go!

Platform not listed?

Instead of choosing the icon of the platform of your choice, choose the last option "other". Here Leadcamp asks for the unique email identifier of your platform. Once you have entered this, you will receive a dynamic link for the tool you use.

Here's how to share content in various other ways.

Prospects are automatically identified

The moment the receiver interacts with your content link in a cadence email, they will appear in Leadcamp and you’ll see their engagement on that piece of content.

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