With Leadcamp you can add content links to other tools, sync engaged leads and and track how they are performing. If you add content links using this flow, your leads won’t need to fill in their email address to be recognised by Leadcamp as a lead.

No need to upload leads twice

The moment your leads interact with your content link in a cadence email, they will appear in Leadcamp and you’ll see their engagement on that piece of content.

Start by adding content to your library

Here's how to do this.

Add content link to your cadence tool

In general, sharing content is fairly simple. Go to the library, select the item you want to share, right-click on it or click on Share in the sidekick.

  • After you clicked 'Share'

  • Click on the icon of the platform you're using

  • Copy the special sharing link

  • Paste into the other tool and you're ready to go!

Here's how to share content in various other ways.

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