You can simply import email addresses (when adding leads) and website URLs (when adding accounts) from a .csv file. You can also choose to add more information to the csv such as their LinkedIn page, name, phone number etc.

How it works

  1. Save the document with listed leads or accounts as a .csv file.

  2. Drop the file or click to upload to Leadcamp.

  3. If you have additional fields in your .csv file, you can link them in the next step. For example, select columns from your .csv file that identifies lead's first and last name.

  4. If you do not see the right column names and "comma separated" option is selected, switch to "semicolon separated" option.

  5. Make sure to check if your .csv file contains headers and check "contains headers" box if so.

Important: keep in mind that bigger files will need more time to process.

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