Make sure you have the Gmail Extension or Outlook Add-in.

What is Smart Content Folder Sharing

Ever used Google Drive and shared a link to a folder with someone? Leadcamp's Smart Content Folder is an automatically curated content folder that contains all the files and links you've ever shared with a specific lead.

If you share one piece of content today, and another next week, both will be visible in this folder and your lead will immediately be able to see everything at a glance.

Share multiple files at once

When you start drafting your email, select a place where you would like to insert your content and click 'Library'. From here you can choose multiple pieces of content and click 'Insert as link'.

This way your lead will get only one link and multiple pieces of content in it.

Add a new file to the Smart Content Sharing Folder

Nothing special here. When you want to add an additional file to the folder, just share it with you lead and it will be automatically added.

When your lead opens the file, it will look like this:

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